*Individual experiences may vary. 



Your guidance has really helped us to clear the air and I’m also now sleeping a lot better - which may be related of course - so feel back to normal. I’m feeling content and calm and home seems harmonious again. Thank you so much for helping us both to communicate more effectively, you have really made a difference for which we are both very grateful. As a result I don’t feel I need to come and see you!

Panic Attacks & Insomnia

The first appointment we had, I was at my wits end and had a panic attack on Gill's front doorstep. I was so terrified and thought my life was spinning out of control. But Gill took me in, put a blanket round me, and calmed me down. From that, I knew I could trust her to help me. I think she understood I was a bit skeptical of hypnotherapy at first but I have been blown away by the change I have seen in myself because of it. I am now spreading the word about hypnotherapy to friends and family who I think can really benefit from it as I have. Gill has been so supportive and such a pleasure to work with. She helped me get my life back and I will be forever grateful.



Forever a pessimist I had to wait a few more days before I could actually believe that I am at last sleeping through the night with out waking, seeing shadows and making sure that it's safe to sleep.

I cannot believe that I have been dealing with this for over 30 years and you've helped me deal with it in one session. I can't thank you enough. I did wake on Friday night but rolled over and went to sleep very easily again. Sunday and Monday night I didn't wake at all. 


Performance anxiety

Thanks Gill. What a fantastic 1.5 hours spent. I feel very different about speaking in public now and look forward to the next time. All went well and I've asked for feedback too - more than I have ever done before. Feedback wasn't the "Ah, we were all rooting for you" but more " You were really confident", and  "....better than the bloke who introduced the evening". I even ad-libbed and had no out of body experiences! You have made a massive difference to me and it's really appreciated. No wonder you are busy. Keep going.



Quit Smoking

"Well it's been 4 weeks today since I last saw you and just over 4 weeks since I last smoked. Quitting has been both easy and enjoyable and I have never felt healthier. I didn't have even one craving, nor was I even tempted to smoke on several occasions when I otherwise would have. I've joined the gym and on track to complete the Hampton Court half marathon in two weekends time. I do find myself occasionally thinking about cigarettes, but never craving one. I have noticed that this is gradually subsiding day by day."




“I don't fully understand how the mind can be reprogrammed, but whatever we did together in therapy had certainly worked. My mind has more clarity and in some ways I feel a different person, so much lighter, not carrying that heavy turmoil around anymore that was causing me so much debilitation.


I am feeling far more relaxed and contented now, and hardly notice the Old Anxiety anymore! I am getting on with my life and just enjoying being ME!"



Phobia of Flying 

"I arrived home last night from a wonderful trip to Rome. I didn't worry about the flight there or even coming back, which was fantastic. I got a tiny bit concerned on the flight back when there was a spell of turbulence but that soon passed. On the flight out, I had a glass of wine, a sandwich and watched a movie on the iPad and thought, this is actually quite nice!! 


I just wanted to say thank you to Gill. We had such an amazing time and this would not have been possible without Gill's help. We are even planning another trip!"



Confidence, relationships, depression 

“Working with Gill has changed my life. My whole life I gave everything I had to other people. Now I give myself everything I need, and what is left, other people can have. There is more than enough. For the first time, I now have become the most important thing in my own life and changed the way I perceive myself and the way I perceive others. And it has given me peace. I never thought I would find peace."



Weight loss and confidence

"As soon as I met Gill I knew that she could guide me and help me find a way improve the issues I had carried with me for such a long time – confidence and increasing weight gain.  After four sessions I felt the same me but so much better.  She allowed me to turn up the dimmer switch in my mind and I can now see my way with clarity and self-confidence. I feel fitter and healthier that I have for most of my adult life and because my self-esteem is higher my weight is the lowest it has been. I feel so grateful for all her help and guidance."



Insomnia and weight loss

“I saw Gill after having suffered from insomnia for more than twenty years.  In just half a dozen sessions, she has helped me to make a tremendous difference, so that I now get good, restful sleep and wake refreshed.  The improvement to my well-being is immeasurable.  I was so pleased with the results that I had some extra sessions to focus on eating habits and weight loss and again, Gill had helped to make a real change in the way I think about food.  Gill has exceptional skills and I recommend her whole-heartedly and without reservation.”



Fear of public speaking

“Everything is going well … I now regularly stand up and speak in front of 30+ people, facilitate a subgroup through a number of exercises….all things I would have really struggled with before our sessions. Last week I had to talk to 15 of our partners and directors and felt confident, clear articulate and the feedback was good….although I felt nervous I wasn’t kept awake and I didn’t freeze. The more times I do it the easier it becomes. Thank you so much for everything you did.”



Fear of flying

"The flight went really well and once I was on the plane I was fine. With your help I realised it was not the actual flying but the build up. I am very pleased I was able to do it"  




" I have definitely changed for the better. I came for Anxiety and I am so much less tense. I feel I am now in charge of my life and myself... and I don't take any nonsense from people now!"  

Joan (Aged 82)


Self-esteem and relationships

"Thank you for showing me the ways to let my inner light shine through. There are no words to describe how grateful I am that I met you."



NLP Coaching 

"I am so grateful for your help walking through the layers of my life to find my truth. Thank you for helping me find the me I’ve always wanted to be”  

Sue C


Depression, anger issues

“ The road to recovery means to admit something is wrong and have a determination to change it. I had a challenging childhood , and despite the fact that I had seen many psychiatrists I was still not ‘me’. Before I came to Gill I had dark thoughts, however after working with Gill I have found the road to discovering ‘me’ and becoming a better person. Gill has helped me deal with situations that have affected all of my life, and to find what is right for me."



Quitting smoking

“For the last ten years, at least, I have tried every possible way to quit smoking. At best it worked for 6 months, at worst for 1 week! Working with Gill and using the hypnotherapy has been a real life changing experience, and not only for the smoking side. The gentle, understanding and compassionate way that Gill uses efficient tools made me address the real reasons why I was smoking. Once I had faced these profound reasons, it has been easy not to smoke anymore. But most of all, I'm happier everyday I pass without smoking!

Thank you Gill.”



NLP Coaching

“I came to Gill when my life seemed upside down and inside out and I couldn't see an escape. I had lost so much of my confidence, my relationship was very rocky and fear overwhelmed me! Gill and the NLP coaching I received from her was just amazing and I felt extremely comfortable with her and the techniques she used. Within about 5 sessions my confidence was back and I learnt how to deal better with the situations life was throwing at me. How things have moved on so quickly since our last meeting! My life and relationship is back on secure tracks and everything and everyone seem so much clearer now. I am extremely happy and excited for the future, Thank you so much Gill!”



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