New year

You don't have to wait until January to quit....

Now is a good time to quit your old unhelpful habits. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new year. Any time is a good time. A new week, a new day.... The beginning of talking control of your new life perhaps. In January, so many people decide to stop drinking, or smoking. That's a good thing of course, because where addictions to substances like nicotine, alcohol or even drugs is concerned, anything more than nothing has got to be an improvement.

Quitting a habit where there is also physical dependency on a substance, is not just aboutvwillpower alone, because obviously the body craves that substance and it can take a while to adjust to not having it. So what gives people the strength to go through the withdrawal phase and to make quitting permanent? There are several answers to that of course, and I am not saying overcoming smoking or other addiction is easy, and not everyone manages it.

That said, when you use techniques like NLP and Hypnotherapy, which involve your unconscious programming, changes can become so much easier than you might imagine, and they happen relatively quickly. That's why as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist one of the most rewarding parts of my work is helping people quit smoking or other minor addictions.

I am not making any wild claims here or offering guarantees. But why not come and have a free

initial consultation to see how I might be able to help you quit an addiction or break an annoying, or

even harmful habit . All you need to do it is to want to and to decide it is time! Get in touch!

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