Post election blues...

Looking at the faces of MPs defeated in the General Election, I couldn't help thinking that many of them could now benefit from some Cognitive Hypnotherapy, here in Wimbledon! Perhaps I should open a Politician's Clinic.....

Ed Miliband to get over repeated attacks on his image and restore his self esteem, and maybe to deal with his relationship with his brother! Nigel Farage gutted by his defeat after so much hope.

Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and the other 40 or so Lib Dem MPs for potential depression at their crushing defeat, in the ruins of their party. I could help them to turn feelings of failure, regret or even depression into a new personal opportunity to do something new, different, exciting.

Then there is the MP who has lost his seat after 33 years and is now, as the media unkindly put it, "on the unemployment register". He has no idea ( he says) what he is going to do next. Perhaps he could do with some Career coaching and confidence building. Or maybe he will need help with self esteem as, like new mothers who have just left their jobs, or people who retire, he discovers who he is when he is not defined by his job.

And while I am imagining this little fantasy of my politicians clinic, there are also some who might welcome help with weight loss, or quitting smoking or anxiety or depression.

Politicians are human like the rest of us and, for all the talk and bravado, it must be very hard to risk putting yourself out there, under the relentless scrutiny of the media, knowing that at any moment you could be made to look a fool, say something wrong, get caught out or humiliated.

And you don't have to be a politician to experience that. It can happen in the classroom, in the boardroom, in meetings fact anywhere, which is why so many people have performance anxiety, fear speaking in public, going to interviews, or even introducing themselves in a group. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help them overcome that, or other phobias, in a couple of sessions.

I am relieved the election campaign is over and I don't have to listen to the endless discussions and interviews where politicians avoid answering questions, everyone interrupts each other and ignores the decent rules of communication. And I am grateful that I have found a vocation where listening to and communicating with people with respect, honesty and compassion, is an integral part of my everyday life.

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