How it works

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Life Coach my role is to guide you and help you to:


  • clear issues from the past

  • be happier in yourself and feel more in control in the present

  • work out what you want  in the future

  • clear blocks, make changes, find solutions, feel better


Click below to find out more about how I can help you with your particular issue:

Working With Me


Working together in a safe, gentle, supportive, environment my aim is to empower you, inspire you, motivate you, to get to the root of your problems, deal with challenges and turn them into opportunities.


You will find I am practical, empathetic, broad minded, positive, encouraging, supportive and non judgemental. I also have a good sense of humour. It is important to me that our working relationship is based on mutual respect and honesty.


My own life experience (see About Me) has been broad and challenging. I have worked in health and in business. Training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching revolutionised my ability to deal with my own difficulties, helped me turn my bad times into good, and to laugh with life. 


What Is It Like?


Using a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching techniques, EFT, and based on sound knowledge of how the unconscious mind works, my therapeutic approach is conversational, relaxed, gentle and safe. It is also powerful and effective and works more quickly and easily because the changes happen unconsciously and that means the results are positive, quick and long lasting.


In the process I will also:


  • show you how to tap into your inner strengths and resources

  • teach you self help techniques and strategies 

  • create and download a personalised "Wordweaving " hypnotherapy script for you


Each session lasts 75 minutes. 


Get Started And Contact Me


If you like what you have read, and you are ready to change, contact me to arrange a free initial half hour chat to meet me, talk to me and find out more.


Email : therapy

Call: 0208 946 2474



>  Phobias & Performance Anxiety

What's Yours? 


Most of us have a fear or phobia. Maybe fear of flying, or spiders, needles, cats, dogs, snakes, heights, lifts, mice, public speaking, water... We can develop a fear or phobia of absolutely anything. If your phobia is affecting your life, it's time to get rid of it. 


Some people are so phobic about their phobia that they are too scared to work on it. Yet the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach is safe, gentle, down to earth and usually works in just two sessions . Even if you have had your phobia for years, we can fix it. Really. It is my speciality and I have a lot of case histories to prove it.


Fear literally makes us 'stupid', because in a perceived emergency, the brain takes us into fight or flight (or freeze) at lightening speed, and our conscious brain doesn't get a look in  - because it is actually too slow to get us out of trouble.


The cause of a phobia is usually rooted in a negative event or trauma (often in childhood). For example, if you get scratched by a cat when you were little, your unconscious will then be 'wired' to keep you away from  cats. Like a computer, it opens a folder for “cats are bad” and fills it with negative evidence, until it becomes so full it reaches tipping point – a phobia with accompanying panic symptoms – sometimes years later.


The likelihood of a phobic response is increased because children's immature brains are unable to make proper sense of the world, so they often draw wrong conclusions about it. This creates a glitch in the programming in their unconscious which leads to an outdated, excessive response to the negative stimulus ( eg the cat).


Using a Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach:


  • we can ‘update’ your software by getting to the roots of your phobia and reprogramming your unconscious mind, in the safety and comfort of my therapy room. You do not need to be exposed to the object of your phobia.


  • you can learn self help NLP techniques to give you confidence while you get used to letting go of your old fears


  • I will record and send you a personalised hypnotherapy script to reinforce positive changes and help you overcome your fears more easily


  • Help you to feel OK with cats, flying, your mother in law, performing or whatever your phobia is about - soon.



Contact me now to arrange a free initial consultation and find out more.


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"Nothing is either good or bad.      Yet thinking makes it so"



>  Confidence & Self Esteem

Many people doubt their own abilities, lack confidence socially, feel they are 'not good enough', or feel they are 'a fraud'. Often people don't feel worthy or deserving of love. Usually ( but not always) the root of low self esteem or lack of confidence comes from challenges in childhood, difficulties at school or work, or with friends, partners or family.


Low self esteem and lack of confidence can affect all areas of your life. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, my aim is to:


  • build your confidence and self esteem by strengthening your sense of self

  • help you to focus on your inner resources and strengths

  • help you to build inner resilience, self belief and self respect.

  • to help you find you the mental equivalent of core stability.


When you have that core stability ( which we call ILOC - Inner Locus Of Control) life is much easier. It means you can become more assertive, but less worried about what other people think (which is ELOC - External Locus Of Control). It means you can learn to deal with anger better, and tolerate bullies less. It means you put yourself first more often and become less of a people pleaser. It means you can form genuine relationships, and be happy to be yourself, and accept that you cannot be perfect - that 'good enough' is good enough.


Contact me now to fix an intial free consultation and find out more


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"Just be yourself. You cannot be perfect, so... good enough is good enough."


 > Motivation, Direction & Career

Direction and Career


The world is a big place and we have a lot of choice... Almost too much. Whether you have recently left Uni and don't really know what to do next, or whether it is time for a change of direction or a new career, it can be a daunting and overwhelming time.


NLP Coaching can help you to:


  • Gain clarity about who you are, what matters to you and what YOU really want

  • Change direction

  • Find the courage and motivation to do something new

  • Increase your confidence

  • Prepare for interviews 

  • Manage your time better

  • Find your vocation


Motivation, Procrastination


I see a lot of people who are worried about lacking motivation. Often people think they should be doing something, but somehow don't, they procrastinate and do somethng else. In my experience it rarely comes down to laziness.


Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching we can get to the root of why motivation or procrastination is a problem for you, and  change it. Maybe your heart isn't really in what you are trying to do, or maybe  you think you will fail so you prefer not to try? Or maybe you are not managing your time well? Whatever the reason (and there are lots more), I can help you get to the bottom of it and move forward.


Why not contact me to arrange a chat and see how I can help you. 


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"What do you really want?"


 >  Weight Loss

Are you fed up with diets?  Often they don’t work for long and you can end up fatter than before. The Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach is different. It may take a bit longer to let go of the extra weight, but it will last.


There are lots of reasons for being overweight – a  poor relationship with food, low self esteem, certain medical conditions, or unconscious drives to eat in response to stress, boredom, rebellion, loneliness, or uncomfortable emotions. usually it also means that your needs are not being properly met.


Being overweight is not your fault! It is the result of many different factors, which can be psychological, emotional and physical. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you change your relationship with food, with exercise and more important, with yourself. You can learn to think yourself slimmer and help yourself.


My approach is gentle, sympathetic, holistic, different, and it works. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we can explore and deal with your weight related personal issues at both a conscious and an unconscious level in a safe, confidential space, where you will not be judged.


We will focus on:


  • getting to the roots of the problem 

  • motivating you to make and sustain changes

  • improving your relationship with food - and yourself

  • changing lifestyle, habits, and attitudes

  • increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem

  • setting goals and priming your unconscious  mind to take you towards them easily

  • learning self help techniques to help you control cravings,

       change habits and strengthen your motivation

  • using hypnotherapy to help you make changes more easily


With Hypnotherapy your unconscious does a lot of the work for you. So instead of feeling restricted or depressed by dieting it can soon begin to feel natural to make the changes that take you towards your goals. 


Together we can work out what is causing your weight issues – and do something about it. And soon you may smile when you look in the mirror and see your happier, slimmer self smiling back.


If you want to know more contact me to fix a free initial chat.


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"Being overweight is not your fault! And the good news is you can learn to think yourself slimmer and help yourself...."


 >  Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Cognitive Hypnotherapy works well for understanding and stopping panic attacks and reducing and managing anxiety. Which brings not only more peace of mind, and benefits health and wellbeing in so many ways.


My approach is to


  • find and addressing the causes of the anxiety, or panic attacks (which are rooted in the unconscious mind).

  • teach you self help techniques to help you overcome and deal with anxiety and panic.  

  • write and record a personalised script for you, to reinforce change. 


Hypnotherapy and NLP work with the unconscious mind , which research suggests, drives 90% of our behaviours. That means that the conscious, or 'rational mind', has only 10% of control over our responses to life, which is why willpower or trying to be rational, is not enough. 


So Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which works with the conscious and th unconscious parts of the mind generally brings positive results faster than most other 'talking therapies' and allows you to make changes more easily.


The Unconscious processes information like a computer. Like computer logic, its logic is very literal. The rational, or Conscious mind applies logic of a different kind. When the two minds are in harmony, you feel more calm and relaxed and it is much easier to change beliefs, release fears, break unhelpful habits and create more positive ways of thinking.


In general, Anxiety is fear of what might happen in the future. Mostly "it" doesn't happen, of course. But if the Unconscious is programmed to expect a negative outcome because of something that happened in the past, no amount of rational thought will calm those fears. Usually that programming, or software, happened a long time ago, and if it is now causing you a problem, it means it is literally, outdated software.


Together we can:


  • update your software

  • remove the causes of your anxiety or panic

  • help you to become more resilient, calm and relaxed

  • resource you with self help skills that you can use for the rest of your life

  • use hypnotherapy to help you make changes more easily


Early results from our Quest Institute long term research project,

(designed to measure the effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in treating anxiety and depression ) are very positive.



Of course Depression is different from anxiety, but will respond to the Cognitive Therapy approach in a similar way. People who are depressed often feel hopeless or helpless, and cannot imagine how life could be different. I can help you to begin to see new possibilities, feel lighter and more in control of your life, and begin to move forward again.


Give me a call to arrange an initial free half hour chat about your problem and how I can help you.


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"Nothing is either good or bad. Yet thinking makes it so" 



 >  Health

Research has already proved the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in helping IBS sufferers, and for pain relief. The mind is so powerful that I believe Cognitive Hypnotherapy can really help people  deal with health issues better in lots of ways. 


I have worked with cancer patients to reduce fear, and help them feel really positive about their medication or their treatment. I have helped people to manage pain. And I have successfully helped people to understand the cause of their problem better - which can sometimes have surprisingly positive effects. 


I have experienced many years of fear about my own health, as the result of a misdiagnosis of MS. What helped me most was therapy. Even though that diagnosis was incorrect, I do have some chronic health problems, which therapy helped me to accept, live with, and mostly ignore. The fear has gone.


Conditions which seem to respond particularly well to Hypnotherapy, in my experience, are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insomnia, Cancer management, stress related digestive disorders, and so-called psychosomatic conditions.


How can using the power of the mind work?


  • By understanding the cause of your particular health issue, you can be motivated to change your lifetsyle and address the cause. 


  • By using scripts tailored to your personal needs, Hypnotherapy can help you to relax more and reduce your stress levels, which of course benefits your whole body.


  • Hypnotherapy can directly influence how pain is perceived in the brain and has long been recognised as a good way to control pain. 


  • We know that the 'placebo effect' is very strong, which suggests that our beliefs make a big difference. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of negative or limiting beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs, which in itself makes  them feel better.


Of course I am not claiming to be able to cure your condition. But I might be able to help you to accept it, manage it, relax about it, or understand it better. Come and have a chat and let's see.


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"Placebos work because we think they are something else - such is the power of the mind"


 >  Quitting Smoking & Breaking Habits

Smoking is not your fault, it is an addiction. Why else would we choose to inhale poisonous chemicals, nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide? Would you drink those substances if they were in a smoothie or a glass of wine? It can take more than will power to beat it.


Nicotine is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a secret killer which takes over the brain and hijacks the pleasure/reward system so effectively that we are tricked into believing that the ‘benefits’ of  smoking cigarettes are more important than the proven serious health risks that smoking brings.


Many people try several times to quit smoking before they succeed. And if you have already tried and failed, the good news is you are more likely to succeed this time...but you might need a new approach and some help to quit for good.


People smoke for all sorts of reasons -  conscious and unconscious. To help you quit Smoking, the Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach includes:


  • finding  and addressing the real reasons you smoke

  • supporting you and increasing your motivation to quit smoking for good

  • helping you find better ways to meet your needs, take time out, relax etc

  • easing the withdrawal symptoms, using hypnotherapy

  • teaching you self help techniques to control cravings, change habits and strengthen your resolve

  • making it easier to quite smoking by changing old outdated beliefs and priming your unconscious mind to take you towards a healthier future.

  • strengthening your resolve using 'Wordweaving", in a personalised hypnotherapy script


Hypnosis makes it easy to stop smoking, but it doesn’t make it impossible to smoke. That’s why you need to really want to do your bit to quit, too.


If this is you, then together we can work out why you smoke and do something about it.  And you might be surprised at how much easier it is to quit smoking now, than you once believed. And how, this time, it’s for good.


So soon you might look back and smile, proud of your achievement of becoming a permanent ex smoker.


Interested? Contact me to set up a free introductory chat and find out more.


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"Nicotine is like a wolf in sheeps clothing... a secret killer which takes over your mind"


 >  Relationships

Are you unhappy? Confused? Stuck? Losing confidence? Angry? Lonely? Jealous? Insecure? Frustrated?  Defensive? Frightened? Relationships can bring up lovely feelings, and also difficult negative ones.


Maybe you are having difficulty  forgiving, understanding or letting go of someone? Or, are you so terrified of risking getting hurt by an intimate relationship that you have remained single for too long. Which is ‘safe’, but can be very lonely.  


Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you release your fears and negative feelings, understand why you are still single, or improve your relationship, and gain new perspectives, leaving you free to move on in your life .


Are you in a relationship that isn’t working? 


When the honeymoon period is over, many couples struggle to thrive.  Sometimes of course, the relationship is genuinely past its ‘sell by’ date, and can then  become destructive, restrictive and upsetting. 


But many relationships can be helped, and I believe it is always worth trying to save a relationship wherever possible.


I work with individuals and with couples, depending what is needed. My aim is to help you 

  • work with your differences

  • resolve hurt or conflict, 

  • work through resentment 

  • increase mutual respect, understanding and empathy

  • bring back love and laughter 


Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP coaching is an effective approach which can really help you put new life into your love life, and be a team again.


Why not contact me for a free consultation to find out how I can help you.


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"Put new life into your love life"