Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP Coaching are at the cutting edge of modern therapy. By working with the conscious and unconscious mind in a safe, conversational way, you can make lasting changes more easily, quickly and effectively than by simply talking about your problems.


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Like dropping a pebble in a pond, and watching the ripples spread, we can wonder what will be the first thing you notice that lets you know you have changed...


Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is at the cutting edge of modern, science based, therapy. It is a flexible, solution focussed, therapeutic approach, which works for a wide range of different issues. It is not a quick fix, but it fixes quickly, and permanently, in a gentle and supportive environment.


Are you concerned about:



... or something else...?


Cognitive Hypnotherapy, (as taught by The Quest Institute), is powerful and effective because I am well trained in a range of different techniques, so I can tailor your treatment choices to your individual needs and use what will work best for you, in a safe, relaxing way.


Often the reason we get locked into negative patterns , behaviours and beliefs is a mystery to us. And even though we know these things are unhelpful, we still find it hard to change.


Research suggests that our unconscious mind drives 90% of our behaviour. That means that most of what we think or do comes from outside our conscious awareness.


By combining NLP, Hypnotherapy and other techniques, Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a really powerful, quick, safe and positive way to help you overcome unconscious blocks and make lasting changes at an unconscious level. Then it is much easier to let go of old habits, fears, limiting or outdated beliefs and unhelpful behaviours.


The process can be enjoyable ….and it works!  Leaving you free to make new choices and look forward to life.


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"Change your mind,     change your life"


NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching looks forward to life, not back. It is practical, positive, down to earth and uplifting. It opens up new, or maybe forgotten possibilities… realistic and inspiring dreams. It helps you to gain new perspectives, get your life back on track, lighten up and live.


NLP Coaching is at the cutting edge of modern, solution focused therapy and it is one of the quickest and most effective ways to sort out problems in your life, and to work out and focus on what you really want and how to get it.


And it works for lots of issues. For example:


•  Loss of direction, career change

 Phobias (flying, lifts, spiders, birds, needles, etc)

•  Weight loss

•  Exam or performance preparation

•  Relationship difficulties

•  Stress, anxiety, panic attacks

•  Anger issues, depression, anxiety

•  Health problems, pain control

•  Lack of confidence, low self esteem

•  Procrastination


NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. The brain is in many ways like a computer. By understanding how your unconscious mind is 'programmed’, NLP techniques and processes are an effective way of changing unhelpful thought patterns, outdated emotional responses, limiting beliefs, old habits and phobias – for good.


You dictate the pace and direction of our work, and the frequency of our sessions and if you want, you may choose to do some sort of “homework” in between our sessions - because as you go about your normal daily life a lot of noticeable change takes place.


I will not tell you what to do. My role is to facilitate, listen, question, make suggestions, support, guide, understand, motivate, empower and encourage you. I can also show you some easy, self help techniques which you can use for the rest of your life.


After our sessions you will feel better – stronger, clearer, motivated, empowered, optimistic, and inspired to get on with your life.


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If something isn't working, do something different. 


Evidence Based Therapy

Over the last few years a group of Quest Trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists and their clients have taken part in a research project.  As a result in the September 2015 issue of the Mental Health Review Journal, a peer-reviewed article comparing Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) with national results for the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme suggested that....


'QCH may offer a brief effective treatment for clients with clinically significant levels of anxiety and/or depression, widening client choice’.


This is a wonderful and unique achievement demonstrating the robustness of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy as a therapy model. In an average of six sessions, 71% reported themselves recovered, compared to 42% of people using other IAPT therapies.


Quest is committed to demonstrating effectiveness, one client at a time, and in doing so we believe we are setting the standard in transparency. This article also highlights the little known fact that dropout from treatment in statutory NHS services is so high that it’s hard to really have any confidence in the outcome of statutory treatment. QCH is positioned to offer a real alternative and we are working hard to bring this to the attention of both the public and the commissioners of services.


The full article can be found here:

A pilot investigation of Quest Institute Cognitive Hypnotherapy services using Improving Access to Psychological Therapies as the benchmark

William Peter Andrews , Andrew Alexander Parsons , Heather Rawle , Julie Gibbs. Mental Health Review Journal 2015 20:3 , 199-210