Why do so many people seem to burnout? I have recently had a number or clients who arrived at

our sessions exhausted, stressed, unfocussed and miserable because they have been working all

hours, too much to do etc etc. When I suggest they need time off , they look horrified - too much to

do.... What will people say...

Do you take a proper lunch break? How often do you work late? Do you look forward to going to

work in the morning? Do you keep getting ill? Are you tired most of the time?

The problem is when it gets to a certain point where we have been driving yourself too hard for a

long time, the physical body often takes the law into its own hands and you are more likely

become overwhelmed, signed off with stress , depressed or ill.

I know this because that is what I used to do. Work myself into the ground, stay late, go in early,

rarely take time off for colds. At best I found myself dragging through each day and crawling into

bed each night. At worst I got ill and couldn't work for a while.



You don't have to wait until January to quit....


Now is a good time to quit your old unhelpful habits. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new year. Any time is a good time. A new week, a new day.... The beginning of talking control of your new life perhaps. In January, so many people decide to stop drinking, or smoking. That's a good thing of course, because where addictions to substances like nicotine, alcohol or even drugs is concerned, anything more than nothing has got to be an improvement.


Quitting a habit where there is also physical dependency on a substance, is not just aboutvwillpower alone, because obviously the body craves that substance and it can take a while to adjust to not having it. So what gives people the strength to go through the withdrawal phase and to make quitting permanent? There are several answers to that of course, and I am not saying overcoming smoking or other addiction is easy, and not everyone manages it.


That said, when you use...


Looking at the faces of MPs defeated in the General Election, I couldn't help thinking that many of them could now benefit from some Cognitive Hypnotherapy, here in Wimbledon! Perhaps I should open a Politician's Clinic.....


Ed Miliband to get over repeated attacks on his image and restore his self esteem, and maybe to deal with his relationship with his brother! Nigel Farage gutted by his defeat after so much hope.


Nick Clegg, Vince Cable and the other 40 or so Lib Dem MPs for potential depression at their crushing defeat, in the ruins of their party. I could help them to turn feelings of failure, regret or even depression into a new personal opportunity to do something new, different, exciting.


Then there is the MP who has lost his seat after 33 years and is now, as the media unkindly put it, "on the unemployment register". He has no idea ( he says) what he is going to do next. Perhaps he could do with some Career coaching and confidence building. Or maybe he will need help with self...


Recently I had an MRI scan, for the first time in my life. Fortunately the results were normal. I have  successfully used Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help clients with anxiety around health issues, many of whom were facing scary medical procedures, treatments or tests. So when I found I needed the MRI I decided to practise what I preach.


I didn't fancy the idea of lying still in a metal tube at all so I decided I would shut my eyes and go somewhere else... My bed. The surface I was lying on was comfortable... And I was tired anyway. So I imagined I was going to sleep... I focussed on the contact between my back and the "mattress" and noticed how supportive that felt... And I forgot about the tube above me... It didnt really matter. Anyway it worked.. And I ended up getting irritated by the scanners who kept interrupting my sleep by asking me to breathe in and out.


It is easier than you might think to simply distract yourself from something you don’t like . I'm not too keen on the dentist...

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January 1, 2016

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