About Me

I am passionate about what I do, because what I do makes a difference. Empowering people to be themselves, helping them to change their minds and change their lives, is my vocation.


Over the years I have worked in an advertising agency, had three wonderful kids, been misdiagnosed with MS, divorced, fell in love again, lost a partner to cancer, changed my life several times and had a great deal of fun. And no doubt there is lots more Life to come.


I have needed and received a great deal of help and support along the way and I know how important it is to find the right person at the right time time to help turn the gritty bits of myself and my life, into pearls.


I have over 20 years experience as a complementary therapist. I love my work and I am fortunate to have found my real vocation. Knowing I have the skills to make a positive difference to people’s lives is fantastic!


I have also worked extensively with pregnant women and their partners – helping them to prepare physically and mentally and emotionally for birth, or supporting them post-natally.


After a session, I hope you will feel better, more confident , happier in yourself and able to believe that you can transform your challenges into opportunities.


Maybe you will be clearer in your mind. Or feel lighter as you let go of limitations from the past. You might feel stronger and more confident, or slimmer, healthier or more prepared for a forthcoming event or challenge. Or you may go away with a new way of seeing things, feeling better able to cope, more inspired to take action, more optimistic….


So if you like what you have read, or you want to know more, lets have a chat about how I can help you to take your first step towards a better future.